WP Kemper

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WP Kemper
Lange Straße 8-10
33397 Rietberg

Phone: +49 (0) 5244 402-0
Fax: +49 (0) 5244 402-4220
E-mail: info@wp-kemper.de

WP Kemper - manufacturer, developer and installer - is a company of the WP BAKERYGROUP.
WP Kemper offers machines, systems and equipment for bakeries, artisan bakeries and the baking industry:

✓ WP Kemper: Spiral kneaders
✓ WP Kemper: bottom discharge kneader
✓ WP Kemper: Linear kneading systems
✓ WP Kemper: Bottom discharge kneading systems
✓ WP Kemper: Dough rest kneading systems
✓ WP Kemper: Carousel kneading systems
✓ WP Kemper: Case tippers
✓ WP Kemper: Lifting tippers
✓ WP Kemper: Industrial lifting tippers
✓ WP Kemper: Industrial donut and Berlin lines
✓ WP Kemper: Donut Linen
✓ WP Kemper: Industrial fat bakery lines
✓ WP Kemper: Grease baking plants
✓ WP Kemper: Dough belt systems for rolls and breads
✓ WP Kemper: Roll dividing and kneading machines
✓ WP Kemper: Bread roll lines
✓ WP Kemper: Bread dough dividing machines
✓ WP Kemper: Combined bread round and long knitting machines

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