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BackTim Bäckereimaschinen Handel
Grosser Teil 6
32130 Enger

Phone: +49 (0) 5224 9769239


BackTim Bäckereimaschinen Handel is an owner-managed company in the beautiful town of Enger in NRW / Germany.
The core business is mainly trading, both buying and selling used machines, equipment, accessories & spare parts.
Bakeries, confectioners, cafés, restaurants & the baking industry will find a wide and deep assortment for the entire production process of your baked goods at BackTim Bakery Machines - machines, equipment & accessories for kneading, stirring, rolling out, wrapping, forming, proofing, resting, cooling, baking, cutting, crushing, transporting, storing and cleaning:

✓ Stopping / stirring machines: Planetary stirring machines.
✓ Winding & unwinding machines
✓ Baking trays & moulds
✓ Suction systems
✓ Bag rolling machines
✓ Bread & roll plants
✓ Bread roll presses
✓ Baking ovens: rack ovens, shop ovens, deck ovens
✓ Grease baking equipment / tempering equipment
✓ Kneading machines: spiral kneaders, reciprocating kneaders & spiral kneaders / batch kneaders
✓ Lifting tippers
✓ Cooling and proofing systems
✓ Cleaning plants
✓ Residual bread crushers 
✓ Sourdough plants 
✓ Cutting machines
✓ Silos
✓ Transport trolleys: rack trolleys, take-off trolleys, freezer trolleys 

... and more.

Discover your used bakery machine from renowned manufacturers such as Diosna, Kemper, König, Fortuna, Fritsch or Glimek - at BackTim Bäckereimaschinen Handel.

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