Spiral kneader Kemper ST 125 A + 2 boilers

General information
Spiral kneader Kemper ST 125 A + 2 boilers used spiral kneader Kemper ST 125 A extendable with 2 stainless steel boilers immediately available in the warehouse in Bielefeld. Trade-in and shipping costs on request.
Type: SP 125 A
with 2 boilers, optional extra boiler to purchase
for max. 125 kg of flour or for max. 200 kg of dough
with 2 automatic timers
Boiler diameter 90cm
-Vat capacity: 300 liters
Boiler driven by friction wheel
Boilers are locked by hand
with 2 automatic timer relays
2 speeds fast and slow
flour dust cover
Spiral and tool made of stainless steel
Boilers are also made of stainless steel
The machine is anchored to the floor with 2 screws
The machine head moves up and down when the boiler is moved in and out
400 volt power connection
robust and stable machine
checked for functionality
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Shippingcosts on request
Minimum order quantity: 1
1 available.

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