Hot air oven Miwe Aeromat 8.68 with prover

General information
Miwe Aeromat 8.68 hot-air oven with proofing cabinet Miwe Aeromat shop oven for baking in the branches. Oven is for a maximum of 8 trays each 60x80 cm or a maximum of 16 trays 60x40cm including proofer and exhaust hood. The furnace is optionally available with a steam annihilator / steam condenser. The oven can be moved on rollers with brakes and is made entirely of stainless steel. Miwe Aeromat shop baking ovens with proofing cabinet are characterized by outstanding baking results and high functionality. Sheet metal entries can be easily removed for cleaning, even on the surface, the Miwe Aeromat is very easy to maintain and clean. Simple operation with Miwe FP 12 control with up to 30 baking programs. Integrated steam device with cycle and full steam program for fast and rich steam. The viewing windows have cool double glazing and bright lighting for the baking chamber.

Miwe shop oven with proving cabinet
-Type: Aeromat 8.68T FP 12
-for 8 trays 60x80 cm or 16 trays 60x40
-8 editions
-longitudinal insert
-Movable on rollers -Year of construction 2012 -Technical data oven: 400/230 V - 50 Hz - 21 kW
-Prover US-2.0-S built in 2013
-60x80cm sheets
-16 editions
-Technical data prover:
230 Volt- 1/N/PE, 2.2 kW 50 Hz

Height: approx. 210 cm
Width: approx. 90 cm
Depth: approx. 135 cm
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