W&P Unitherm 1840 rack oven with gas burner

General information

3 used WP UNitherm rack oven Bj. 2008

  • The ovens are dismantled by us and loaded onto your truck.
  • Collection date approx. 05/17/2022 - exact date will be confirmed.
  • The ovens are still baking and can be inspected by appointment.
  • Location: Near Emden, Lower Saxony

The UNITHERM® baking cabinet with upright trolley is suitable for baking bread, tin bread/loaf bread (toast), rolls and pastries

With Navigo computer control, fully automated baking program with freely programmable baking steps:

  • temperature curve
  • Actual data acquisition for program optimization
  • program-controlled automated steam train
  • freely programmable amount of steam
  • Recipe management + recipe memory card (data backup)
  • Pictogram control possible
  • 'Oven-Control' option (networking of individual ovens)
  • Manual operation possible
  • Service menu with error message history

Dimensions & technical details::

  • W x D x H: 1350 × 2050 × 2980
  • required minimum room height 3,100
  • clear height of the baking chamber 1,840
  • Rack trolley height max. 1,815
  • Baking area with 18 tiers: 8.1 m²
  • Heat output with gas burner: 104 kW

The present offer only becomes effective if we obtain unrestricted possession of the ovens offered.

The prior sale and the timely availability of the ovens offered to you
by the previous owner, we reserve the right.

Bought as seen from the Lower Saxony location, without warranty and without assembly.

All statements without guarantee


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Shippingcosts notice: Wir verladen die Öfen auf Ihren LKW. Abholung am 16/05/2022
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