TMak Sponge Cake Slicer

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With SliceMak, slicing sponge cakes is now very easy. It offers standard slicing by minimizing your waste with its slicing system that can be adjusted to the desired dimensions with 4 mm intervals, which you can place in the desired size, double conveyor providing precise cutting and adjustable speed. With the maximum cake size of 70*39 cm, you can slice your sponge cakes in the size and height you want.

As Tmak Gıda Makineleri, we offer trial opportunities for each of our machines. You can try your own recipe in our demo kitchen by making an appointment for the machine you are considering to buy, and you can see the result before purchasing the machine. If you share your recipe for our customers who cannot come to our demo kitchen, your product is produced by our masters and shared with you via video. In case you purchase the product, we provide expert support in order to teach your masters how to install and use it. In addition, in case of any problem with the product, technical support and spare parts will be provided by Tmak.


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