Spiral kneader Kemper SP 250 A for max 400kg dough

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Spiral kneader Kemper SP 250 A for max 400kg dough

Spiral kneader Kemper SP 250 A with 2 stainless steel boilers, function tested and cleaned immediately available in stock for sale. The machine has 2 speeds and an automatic timer. The bowl and mixing tool are made of stainless steel. Optionally available with up to 8 boilers.

-Kemper spiral kneader extendable
-2 automatic timers
-2 speeds
-for max. 250kg flour / max. 400kg dough
-with flour dust cover
-with 2 boilers (optionally with more boilers)
-Stainless Steel Boiler, Spiral and Conductor Rod
-380 volts 50Hz

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