Treif Diskus SB AL5 bread slicer

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Used circular knife bread slicer Treif Diskus SB in stainless steel with 3 cutting widths (10, 12 and 12mm) is currently for sale and immediately available in our warehouse. The machine has been checked and cleaned and is immediately available in the warehouse. We have around 30 of these machines in stock.

Treif Diskus SB AL5 bread slicer

-Round knife bread slicer Treif Diskus SB
-3 cutting widths adjustable (10, 12, and 14mm)
-Bread tray 43x27
-Current type 3-N-PE, 50 Hz
-Operating voltage 400 volts
-Control voltage 24 volts
- Nominal current 2.25 A.
-Fuse 10 A
-Nominal power 0.9 / 1.22 kW / hp
-Weight 235/517 daN (kg) / lb
-External dimensions: 95x70cm and 120cm high
-Built in 2012


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