WP Parta U Direct

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WP Parta U direct dough divider ideal for dividing rye and pre-doughs with a water absorption capacity between 175 and 190. Direct introduction of the dough into the cans, year of construction 2014, weight range 110 - 1000 grams, capacity 900-2816 pieces / h, dividing unit Ni-Resist, with automatic oiling on the unit , with 6 fixed metering valves Folding funnel stainless steel 245 liters, inside Teflon coated, H = 1937 mm Frequency converter for variable speed Main piston, separating chamber and funnel bottom wear-resistant chrome-nickel alloy Funnel bottom with Teflon coating Measuring flask Ni-Resist knife made of stainless steel, hardened Cover plates stainless steel, brushed, with Schmersal safety switches Frame nickel-plated Crankshaft and drive rods cast, nickel-plated Chassis 2 rigid + 2 swivel castors with fastening pins Analog weight display Movable panner track L = 3,000 mm with stainless steel chassis, 4 plastic swivel castors Adjustable side guides, pneumatic side stop, fixed drive panner -Chain made of plastic, W = 190 mm2, light barriers for tin signaling, positioning and countingHole covers made of stainless steel for visual controlRelease signal for the stopper of the panner trackMechanical and electrical locking of the panner track images BEFORE the overhaul


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