Benier Dough Expert 50

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Benier Dough Expert 5-chamber universal dough divider that can be used in a variety of dough processes. This industrial machine works precisely and gently and is also easy to operate. Our Dough Expert has an integrated PLC control, which can be used to view and control all machine functions. In this way, all machine configurations can be saved individually for each recipe and all relevant information can also be viewed on the touchscreen. Year of construction 2009. 5-chamber weight range 170 - 800 grams, output max. 7500 pieces per hour, variable and precise working speed thanks to the frequency-controlled crankshaft operation, PLC control with touchscreen for process control and for setting the recipe parameters (capacity, dough weight, number of the products to be produced, conveyor belt speed), 100% rustproof (stainless steel and synthetic materials in functional design), high-quality, wear-free mechanism. Volume pistons and main pistons are available in synthetic material. The dough divider is movable and can easily be returned to its starting position. Pictures BEFORE overhaul.


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