Kalmeijer pastry molding machine KGM

General information
Biscuit forming machine Kalmeijer KGM with 10 trays and 2 forming rollers. Pastry molding machine is suitable for the production of shortcrust pastry. With various forming rollers, the shortcrust pastry can be shaped into the desired (depending on the forming roller). The dough feed roller and the forming roller can be easily removed for cleaning. The forming roller can be heated by heating. The sheet feeder is automatic, the machine stops when there is no sheet metal on the conveyor belt. The machine is compact on wheels and easy to use.

Pastry molding machine
Type: Kalmeijer KGM

with 2 forming rollers
10 baking trays
the thickness of the dough figures is adjustable
Dough hopper, forming roller, dough feed roller can be easily removed for cleaning
Easy handling
The transport belts for the sheets can be folded in and out
Machine takes up little space
The machine can be moved on rollers


Height: 122cm
Width: 170cm
Depth: 52cm


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