King Artisan SFR-TS Line

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Koenig Artisan SFR-TS Line SCHR WK RR 800 (1200) in special design (baguette) AB 800/1000 - SCHN year of construction 2013 Artisan SFR-TS: Rounded products: dough yield 158-165, boiler idle time 15-40 min.max. 20 strokes / Min., (Max. 6,000 pieces / hour with 5-row operation) Rectangular products: dough yield 155-175, boiler resting time 15-90 min. Max. 25 strokes / min., Max. Speed of the dough strand 1.6 m / min . normal bread dough approx. 500 kg / hour (with short boiler resting time), depending on the consistency of the ciabatta dough approx. 350 kg / hour, very much dependent on the consistency of the dough. Filling funnel: dough capacity approx. 45 l, refill volume approx. 30 l. Dough band: Dough band width 240 mm, without edge trimming - no excess dough Dough band thickness 18-35 mm, depending on the dough Operating mode: round products: e.g. 6/5 across or 5/4 across (two different row operations possible) rectangular products: 6/5 / 4/3/2/1-transverse with defined transverse divisions possible complete with: instead of shaft funnel TS rotary knife and round plate hoist for automatically lifting the dough boxes PLC: Siemens Simatic S7, with color touch panel 50 programs can be saved Line SCHR WK RR 800 (1200 ) in special design (baguette) AB 800/1000 - SCHN: 5-6. Outfeed belt 7. Adjustable yarn distributor belt with flour spreader 8. Transfer belt to long molding machine 9. Rounding unit 10. Long molding machine 11. Intermediate belt with transfer belt 12. Cutting station 13. Adjustment device with: several cutting knives 2/3/4/5/6 row 3 sets of rounding plates: 5 rows 33-65 grams 5 rows 70-110 grams 6 rows 35-65 grams


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