Spiral kneader Kemper SPL 75 dough kneader

General information
Used spiral kneader Kemper SPL 75 for the production of high quality dough. The machine can be switched slowly and quickly in 2 stages in automatic mode using 2 timers. The bowl, spiral and tool are made of stainless steel. The boiler can be switched to the right or left. The machine is immediately available in the warehouse in Bielefeld.

2 speeds slow and fast
2 timers automatic on and off
with plastic flour dust cover
Stainless steel bowl, spiral and guide rod
Push button control
Boiler volume approx. 175 liters
Cup diameter inside 76cm Cup height inside 44cm
Boiler right left rotation
Manual and automatic switch
Machine is castors with 2 brakes
Easy to use and clean
Capacity for a maximum of 120 kg of dough or for a maximum of 75 kg of flour
-more pictures and information on request
-Shipping and trade-in on request
-Machine can be viewed and tested in our warehouse


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