Diosna W 120 A spiral kneader with 2 bowls

General information
A used Diosna W 120 A spiral kneader with 2 bowls is currently for sale and immediately available in our warehouse in Bielefeld.
A used Wendel kneader Diosna W 120 A with simple operation with push-button control including 2 timers for automatic operation. Optimal dough quality for all types of dough. Robust and strong machine in cast body. Ground clearance for easy cleaning. Boiler draw-in with clamp locking, the vat is pressed firmly and lifted. Optionally also available with an additional boiler or completely overhauled and repainted.

Diosna W 120 A spiral kneader with 2 kettles / tub
Type: W 120 A with retractable boiler

optionally with 2 to 10 stainless steel kettles
with pliers locking
with control cabinet
Boiler volume approx. 190 liters
for a maximum of 120 kg of dough or for a maximum of 75 kg of flour
with manual control
Machine is in very good condition
-more pictures and information on request
-Shipping and trade-in on request
-Machine can be viewed and tested in our warehouse Diosna W 120 A with 2 boilers


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