VBS baguette & ciabatta line

General information

Complete line for Baguete bread, Ciabatta bread.& Sandwich bread

%100 stress free cutting ( dough is not stressed and you don't need a prover.)
Automated tray loader and feeder
Capacity from 2.400 to 12.000 pcs / h
Blades for 2,3,4,5 pcs included.
Touchscreen controlpanel
New machine - 2019 year of production
Any kinds of trays could be produced by our company according to your needs

VBS Air is the result of the experience of a leading company in the design and manufacture of machines for the world of bakery and confectionary industry. A modular line that enables you to make all types of bread with automated solutions customized for small and medium laboratory. Every artisan can set it up their own needs, while maintaining their own art, reducing manual skills and improve productivity. Strong and resistant VBS Air has been designed to offer the best in terms of comforts, precision and productivity and to ensure the best quality an artisan product.



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Delivery date: 23/06/21
Minimum order quantity: 1
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