Edhard pastry filler P-4020 completely NEW

General information

Edhard pastry filler P-4020 complete for donuts and donuts

Edhard pastry filler P-4020 complete with 5.5 l funnel and two 7mm filling tips

With this filling and dosing system, masses are dosed directly into 2 pieces of baked goods via two 57mm long, 7mm thick filling tips. The plastic funnel holds 5.5 liters.

The motor base triggers every time the switch is pressed. Exactly the set amount up to 800g is injected.

Technical specifications:
Edhard pastry filling machine series P

Dimensions (mm): 391 x 229 x 410

Net weight: 6.0 kg

Power: 44 watts

Connection values: 220/240 V, 50 Hz, 1 Ph


Filling device (P-4020)

1 funnel (F-5001) small for 2 nozzles 5.5 ltr

2 filling tips (F3076) 7mm diameter, 57mm length

The basic device can optionally be equipped with a larger funnel and numerous other filling tips. The basic device is basically suitable for filling masses and for direct injection.

See picture for details


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