Miwe Condo CO 4 0608 Storey oven 2D

General information
The Miwe Condo deck oven with 4 levels, digital control from 2006 with modular structure. Each 2 floors have their own baking program control. The oven also has a proofer in which 5 sheets of 60x80cm fit. Up to 30 baking programs, each with 3 sections, can be saved, this of course also applies to all other parameters such as baking time, steam volume, steam slide positions or extractor fan. Optionally also with vapor destroyer / vapor condenser.

- 4 levels each 60x80 cm
- every floor with stone baking plates
- digital control
- mobile on castors
- 2 double chamber floors with 1 control each
- with extractor hood including exhaust air motor
- the stoves are 13 cm high
- good condition
- 21.8 kW
- 400 / 230V / 3 / N / PE


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