Miwe Condo CO.3.0608 deck oven 60x80cm

General information
Miwe Condo deck oven with 1 double chamber and a single chamber, i.e. 3 levels plus proofing cabinet plus steam condenser.
The oven is with Miwe FP 12 control, each floor 60x80cm long. 40 pieces Miwe Condo immediately available in the warehouse.

3 floors
2 floors can be controlled separately
Top and bottom heat can be controlled separately for each stove
digital control / FP control
with hood
Including base cabinet with shelf for trays
each floor has a stone slab
each floor with separate steaming
different products can be baked at the same time on 2 levels at different baking temperatures
FP control with program memory
2 sheets of 60x40cm one behind the other or 1 sheet of 60x80cm fit on each level
Floors are with light
Front with special clear safety glass
All-purpose oven for baking almost all products on a stone plate, bake directly on a stone plate or on trays
mobile on castors
with permanent water connection for humidification, the option of pullers / inserters can be purchased separately
Water filter option
Pickup and shipping on request


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