Wiesheu Backcombi Dibas + EBO

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Used Wiesheu Backcombi baking station consisting of a Wiesheu Dibas hot air oven, a Wiesheu EBO deck oven, a Wiesheu proofer and exhaust hood including a steam condenser. The two Wiesheu ovens are from 2013 checked and cleaned and are immediately available for sale in our warehouse in Bielefeld.

Wiesheu Backcombi Dibas + EBO Bj: 2013

Wiesheu Dibas 64-M oven
- for 6 sheets 60x40cm
- Year: 10/2013
- Power 9.6 kW
- Voltage 400 volts / 3 / N / PE
- with Comfort control
- with humidification

Wiesheu EBO 64-S deck oven
- for 1 tray 60x40cm
- with Comfort control
- Upper and lower heat can be regulated separately
- with humidification
- Power 3.35 kW
- voltage 400 V / 3 / N / PE
- Year of construction 10/2013


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