Dough part and molding machine head machine König Mini Multi AB Bj.2014

General information

Dough dividing and rounding machine König Mini Rex Multi AB

Manufacturer: King
Type: Mini Rex Multi AB
Year: 2014

- 2 row head machine
- with 3 punch sizes / drum bars for different weight ranges and dough pieces
- easy change of stamps / drum bars
- with base on castors
- with exit belt
- with plastic dough funnel
- with digital control
- Hourly output: 2400 pcs. / h

Weight approx.: 325 kg

Weight ranges (with the existing stamps / drums):
with stamp SKG 2.51: 23-60 grams
with stamp SKG 2.63: 40-95 grams
with stamp RK 2.64: 45-100 grams

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